About Us

Until 2005, the village of Bhatgain in Bihar languished without access to basic amenities like electricity, education, and healthcare. In December 2006, one man set out to change it all. Mr. Shrinath Singh, a man of limited means but limitless belief and dedication, began to build here a temple of Lord Venkatesh Balaji. The temple would be part of a larger Trust that would work towards the welfare of the village in concrete measures. To form the Trust, he selected a group of well-meaning and respected people from the village who could commit themselves to the massive project. The vision of the Temple Trust was to invoke Lord’s Balaji’s blessings for the village as well support the local community in core areas such as free education for children, vocational education for women, free healthcare for the poor, and support in the times of natural calamity. The mission was to slowly but surely bring progress and well-being to the village.